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The Moon Days Calendar App
It's a clever piece of modern tech that relies on some of the most fundamental science on the planet – the moon’s cycle. The Team behind the Moon Days Calendar app has created the perfect app to help you plan your life more effectively. Learn when to be cautious or when to be brave. Understand when to grow your business or when to stick safely where you are.

The app will allow you to discover how to use the influence of the moon, its phases and other planets to plan ahead. You’ll come to understand which month is more favourable for travel or for a chosen medical procedure. You are able to access detailed information on both the lunar and solar day - each and every day of the year.

If you are driven to succeed, planning your movements with the help of the Moon Days Calendar will offer you advice on when you’ll have more energy to work harder, when the moon is in the crescent phase, and learn to rest in the more tiring waning phase.

It’s not about making the plans that you already know about – it’s about unlocking your potential and achieving more than you had planned because you have Mother Nature working with you.

Moons Days Calendar will break the moon’s phases down step-by-step and day-by-day so that you can understand the influence it can have on people and their behavior. There’s also a month-by-month guide to the year ahead, helping you to decide the best time to plan for health and happiness.

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Moon Days Calendar was created by Kacenok, a creativity factory proudly based in Gothenburg, Sweden. For press inquiries, please email [email protected], visit our page on Facebook or get in touch with us on Twitter via @MoonDayCalendar Moon Days Calendar